We all want to impress our guests and make them feel special! But doing so can be time consuming, tedious, and leave you feeling burnt out and stressed before your company even arrives. Simply Spiked™ Food and Floral Art Forms offer a solution for that. We developed Simply Spiked™ Food and Floral Art Forms to provide an easy and fun way to create food and floral centerpieces that are sure to wow your guest in no time flat! Would you rather spend hours arranging flowers and plating food, or simply place foods or florals on to a spiked surface with ease? Just choose our Simply Spiked™ patented panels and quickly arrange unique, jaw dropping displays that your company will never forget.

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Patented & Designed by Simply Spiked™ – Patent Number 11,147,398 B2 – 11,510,508 B2 – Registered Trademark: Simply Spiked™